Monday, 6 October 2008


J Class Association members have been in discussion to select the best venue for potentially four yachts to meet and race together next year in a late Spring regatta in Europe. Several venues are under consideration and at this time NO venue has been selected, contrary to recent reports in the press. When the venue is agreed, it will be announced to the press and issued on the J Class Association website here.

Ranger and Velsheda are expected to race at the Antigua Classic Regatta - see EVENTS



Velsheda finishes second overall in the IRC Modern Class at this year's event.

Shamrock V finishes first overall in the spirit of Tradition Class with a 1st and 2nd result.

Friday, 12 September 2008


SARDINIA September 2008

In the Cruising Division, John Williams and the J Class Ranger (CAY. IS) cruised seemingly effortlessly to their second consecutive Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup victory.

Four races, four bullets tell their own story. The reality on the race course was quite different with competition coming from the other J ClassVelsheda (GBR), the massive 44-metre Salperton (GBR), Hamilton II (GBR) and Hetairos (CAY IS).

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


The J Class Association is pleased to announce that the name of the new Frank C Paine ‘A’ design yacht will be “ATLANTIS”. This yacht has been commissioned for a Dutch owner from original lines plans for a ‘Super J’, designed by Frank C Paine in the 1930’s. Frank Paine had previously designed the yacht "YANKEE", which was built by Lawleys in 1930. Drawings for two further designs were also fully completed. Over the past few months, lines plans have been prepared by Andre Hoek Design from original Frank Paine plans and approved by the JCA.

Frank C Paine was the son of General Charles J Paine of Boston, a three times owner of the successful America’s Cup defenders for the New York Yacht Club, “Puritan” in 1885 (as part of a syndicate) and later “Mayflower” (1886) and “Volunteer” (1887). He was brought up in the world of yachts and was younger brother to an amateur yacht designer John Paine, who had designed ‘Jubilee’ for a Boston based syndicate for the 1893 Defence when ‘Vigilant’ was selected by the New York Yacht Club.

Frank went on to become one of the most important designers during the first half of the twentieth century. He worked alongside designers such as William Starling Burgess, and L Francis Herreshoff (son of Nathanial G Herreshoff) and subsequently was famous for the design of Yankee (originally an R class sloop), which launched in 1930 and was renowned for being fast in a breeze and the beamiest of her contemporaries.

A subsequent major refit for the 1934 Defender Trials at the yard of George Lawley and Son altered Yankee’s forward and mid sections to optimise her for light to medium weather, which provided a marked improvement to her boatspeed.† Credits to Frank Paine were made at the time, as her centreboard was the only one to measure under the then new J Class Rule for the 1934 event.

After that conversion, Yankee became a very successful contender, owned by Gerard Lambert who also owned the schooner Atlantic. Frank Paine had designed three Super Js for the 1936 America’s Cup, most probably for Mr. Lambert.

‘ATLANTIS’ has been researched by the Hoek office, and found to be a good all round performer. She is the longest waterline J Class designed, with the highest keel aspect ratio, combined with the lowest wetted surface area. Frank Paine had already calculated in the 1930s, that it was better to take a penalty on an increased waterline length in a trade off against sail area and displacement.

Her hull is in build at Freddie Bloemsma’s specialist aluminium construction company, and is to be finished at Claasen Jachtbouw. She will carry a High Modulus carbon mast and boom, and fibre rigging.