Tuesday, 16 February 2010


"A spectacular yachting event is coming to the UK"

The J Class Association is pleased to announce outline plans for a series of spectacular regattas in England during 2012 - the Olympic Year. This will be the first time in history that more than four of these imposing yachts will race together in a fleet.

The outline plan has received a positive response from J Class owners and event planning is now proceeding. Many yachts in the fleet are now preparing to be on the start line for these 2012 events.

The first regatta will be based in Falmouth, Cornwall, hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. Races will be held in the bay and along the coastline.

The second regatta will be based in the Solent, the traditional home of J Class racing in the UK during the 1930s.


The last race will be held over the original course around the Isle of Wight, for the 1851 Hundred Guinea Cup Race, which is now known as the “America’s Cup”.

This J Class event will attract many thousands of spectators. There are numerous headlands and vantage points close to the race courses for viewing this spectacular fleet.

Read more about the Regatta here...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rainbow :a J-class boat with a future

On Friday 22nd January, before a large crowd, the keel was laid for Rainbow.

The original Rainbow, commissioned by Harold Vanderbilt, was built in 1934 to defend the America’s Cup against Endeavour. Rainbow’s defense was successful, but Rainbow was sold for scrap in 1940.

Gerard Dykstra & Partners have been asked to redesign this Dutch flagged J-class boat, based on the original drawings.

Rainbow will be built to win but this does not mean there will be less comfort below decks. As may be expected on a yacht this size, the interior design will be luxurious and comfortable. According to the original plans a Boxboom will be used instead of the “Park Avenue” boom and the design of the rigging will be original too. But the 40 meter yacht will now have an aluminium hull and full carbon mast and rigging.

Rainbow will be fitted with a diesel-electric propulsion system. Two generators deliver 350Kw shaft horsepower. The propeller, which has hydraulically adjustable pitch, will be used to charge the batteries on Atlantic crossings. This hybrid engine is smaller and lighter than other engines. This feature makes Rainbow quite unique.

The hull is constructed by Freddie Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw in Makkum, the Netherlands. In spring 2010 the boat will be transported over water to Holland Jachtbouw in Zaandam where she will be finished. By the end of 2011 she will be launched and extensive tests and trainings will commence.

The first J-class event in which Rainbow will compete will be in July 2012 in Cowes.

Rainbow meets Endeavour again!

Rainbow will be fitted out for racing but she can also be chartered for pleasure trips or business incentives. A permanent crew of seven will look after a maximum of eight guests.

For further information contact Martine Vos (mrs) at info@rainbow-jh2.com

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2010 Superyacht Cup, Antigua

Three days of wonderful racing in the strong warm caribbean winds.

Day 1
"It was a day for the ketches" commented Mike Quilter on Ranger, "It may be a small fleet but they are all excellent boats, and without being able to use the genniker we just could not keep up. We finished third".

Day 2
The J-Boat Ranger numbers among her traditional themes no safety rails when racing in these heavy seas. It truly doesn’t get much better than this, even in the rarified atmosphere of superyacht racing, than the thrill of racing on a gorgeous, and very competitive Super-J in one of the worlds most scenic racing venues.
Today, she proved that she’s still at heart a gazelle of the sea, powering through rough waters, taking on 30 knot winds, and seemingly easily achieving over 15 knots of boat speed. Despite the fact that the conditions required Ranger, for the first time ever during a race, to reef in her mainsail, she managed to also get up a staysail on the downwind runs, and the entire contingent of 35 crew and guests, scampered back and forth to the rails on seemingly endless tacks.
As for the lucky guests aboard today, Ranger’s skipper Alastair Tait, called the day’s racing “moist”, while long-time racing crewmember Paul Collen perhaps more accurately said “this is the wettest day we’ve ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, had.” Yet the full-time crew made sure that we all stayed dry in perfectly matching kit, and home-made cookies were served on a regular basis.

Day 3
Ranger and P2 had a tight battle all day, crossing tacks several times. At one point P2 looked to be clear ahead, but Ranger gained on the last upwind leg, beating them by just over 3 minutes.

See: http://www.thesuperyachtcup.com/ for full report.
1st Visione - 4 points
2nd Sojana - 10 points
3rd Ranger - 10 points